As a New Englander, we get a bit jaded around here.  I find it really hard to take overblown (get it?) prognostications of foul weather very seriously.  I distinctly remember one time it cost me dearly though.  I was working in Framingham, MA and there was a big snowstorm in the offing.  Why I went to the office that day I’ll never know, but I think I was scheduled to have lunch with a friend of mine if memory serves.  There was some kind of announcement at work and the office was closed by 11 AM.  Everybody was scampering for the Massachusetts Turnpike to get home.  What did I do?  Went to lunch.  The snow began falling on schedule, but the massive panic perpetuated by the media had me stopped in my tracks the minute I left the restaurant.  I couldn’t even get on the road!  Gridlock.  It had nothing to do with the actual snow unfortunately.  Route 30 in Framingham was literally a parking lot.  It took some 40 minutes to get back to office, a span of maybe a mile, because everybody was trying to get home at the exact same time.  I dropped off my lunch date and went back to the office to collect my things so I could work from home the next day.  I had to gas up because I could tell I was in for misery.  My commute in those days was roughly 18 minutes as the crow flies.  I had two choices; try and do Route 30 all the way to the Newton-Watertown line (long and winding back road with lights and single file traffic) or jump on The Pike and go the straight route.  I chose the latter.  I’ll never know what the other route would have done for me, but FOUR HOURS later I arrived home with about half a tank left.  I must have shifted 1500 times as I nudged my way home that day.  Did I learn anything?  Probably not.  So here we are at another crossroads…

We are expecting the remnants of Hurricane Irene here in suburban Boston this weekend.  I’m struggling to batten down the hatches as it were.  A friend called me earlier “what are you doing?” he asks.  “Boarding up my Windows” I answer.  He says “really?”  I say “C’mon!” That’s basically my attitude I’m afraid.  I live in New England because I like the cool weather, but the added bonus of not having to worry about earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding, tsunamis and landslides are great added bonuses don’t you think?  I thought about my stubborn stupidity and pushed all my deck furniture up against the end of the deck and made little adjustments like turning my table on its side and pinning the grill up against the fenced in portion.  Useless against any real gale force wind, but it’s my little way of respecting Mother Nature.  Am I heading into my fall out shelter for the next two days?  Heck no, I’m going to Cooperstown for fun.   I should be OK up there I figure.  It’s just going to rain like crazy here so why hang around right?  Our web site went haywire a couple of weeks ago and it just sapped the starch out of me to be honest.  I’m not going back and reformatting 300 posts any time soon.  I can barely contribute around here anymore.  I suppose we are getting another format soon, but all of my posts were formatted for a vertical middle column.  Honestly, WordPress disappoints me sometimes.  No matter what updates you accept, your public facing web site should not explode.  It’s so deflating.  I wasn’t even paying attention when it happened.  Hopefully the next iteration will be better than the last, but I’m sure I’m one update from blowing it up again so I’m not sure what the difference is.  Change is good though, right?

I’m going to post some weather related songs here for fun and games.  I don’t mean to celebrate something that could bring a lot of hardship to folks on the eastern seaboard, but I thought some great tunes and a little levity might be a good thing while folks obviously a lot smarter than I am are out at the local grocery stores buying water, batteries, canned goods, sand and whatever else they think will keep them from perishing without power.  Good luck folks.   Stay safe.

Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble – Couldn’t Stand The Weather.mp3

The Pixies – Stormy Weather.mp3

John Fogerty – Change in The Weather.mp3

Neil Young – Like a Hurricane.mp3

Bob Dylan – Hurricane.mp3

Bob Dylan – Shelter From The Storm.mp3

The Scorpions – Rock You Like a Hurricane.mp3

The Doors – Riders On The Storm.mp3

Deep Purple – Stormbringer.mp3

Graham Parker – Howlin’ Wind.mp3

Heart – Mistral Wind.mp3

Ultravox – Reap The Wild Wind.mp3

The Marshall Tucker Band – Running Like The Wind.mp3

Frank Black – Parry The Wind High, Low.mp3

The Grateful Dead – Weather Report Suite.mp3