I’m liking what is happening in music this year and last year.  Toro Y Moi, Vega, Washed Out, Neon Indian, and now Phantogram.  There is a fresh new feeling that seems to be a signifigant shift away from traditional indie/underground rock and pop of the early and mid 2000′s, which is a good thing.  It’s not always easy to pinpoint when a musical shift happens until 10-20 years later, but I think in this case it’s pretty apparent.  Either that or I’m paying more attention to it.

Phantogram is the perfect combination of all things I’m loving in music.  Dark synths, sampling, drum beats, melodic.  Phantogram is based in NY, and consists of duo Josh Carter and Sarah Barthel.  Every song on this record offers something different, but they all work together nicely.  Josh and Sarah trade turns as vocalist track to track, both offer something unique.

MP3: Phantogram – Mouthful Of Diamonds

MP3: Phantogram – As Far As I Can See

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