This album rocks my world.  Absolutely killer.  To be honest, in the past I never understood what all they hype was about with Beach House.  Most of my favorite fellow bloggers have been huge fans since the beginning of Beach House a few albums back.  I always found the songs interesting in concept, but after a few songs they all started to blend into the background.  This has all changed with their new LP Teen Dream.  Let me go on record early as saying this will most likely be my favorite album of 2010.  I’m only doing this preemptive strike because I know it will be on most end of year lists as the best, and I don’t want to be called “unoriginal”.  In early 2011 I will be able to point back to this post and say, I was among the first 50,000 bloggers to “call it first.”

Beach House formed in 2004 in Baltimore, and is a duo made up of French-born Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally, who hails from Baltimore.  They were introduced at a friend’s party or something, I’m probably getting this wrong I heard it on an interview (they are much better at making music than as interviewees, but then again, most musicians are.  See my old David Byrne clip from Letterman or check out the infamous Sigur Ros interview for good examples of interviews gone wrong.

Hard to describe this music.  Closest I could come would a modernized version of Fleetwood Mac.  Don’t get all worked up if you think this makes no sense.  I’m not trying to make a direct comparison, or make your precious indie nuggets less “cool” or too popular.  I just mean to say it gives me the same type of feeling when I listen to the records.  Lush, layered harmonies, amazing voice (mix Dusty Springfield with Stevie Nicks and Nico).  I had a really tough time chosing which songs to share from this album, they are all four and five star tracks, every single one of them.  If you by one album this spring make it this one.

MP3: Beach House – Norway

MP3: Beach House – Real Love

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