It’s been quite the struggle to post lately for me.  I copied my digital music library from my computer to an external hard drive and the process took nearly a week!  My computer is ancient so that might have something to do with it, but suffice to say there was a lot of music tripping through these wires this past week.  It’s just short of a terabyte now and I’m not really close to having everything from my library digitized.   I’m looking forward to having several copies in safe places and buying a new machine that can handle all this data.  I’m almost there, but in the meantime I just let the thing chug, day and night, until it finished.  If that didn’t crystalize for me how far behind the times I am nothing will.  This machine, a state of the art HP tower circa 2000, has performed very well considering the crap I put it through, but it wasn’t designed to manage a library of over 100,000 tracks.  I have a 21st century laptop from work, but this baby needs to be put out to pasture soon.  It could probably run another ten years without the burden of housing my library, but it’s reached the end of its usefulness for me.   It’s having a little trouble multi-tasking lately.  Poor old girl.  I’m pretty sure Norton Anti-virus running during idle time added to that long copy session, but once it started…

How about The Giant Panther surfacing after months of hibernation (post directly below)?  I get antsy if I haven’t posted in five days and he took something like 10 months off!  Nice.  Quite the brand we have here huh?  Some old codger droning on about childhood Classic Rock and an Indie freak who barely posts.   We rule huh?   I’ve had countless bursts of ”I’m going to post about X” moments over the past nine months only to have them slip through the cracks.  If you don’t write things down, the idea just disintegrates without a trace.  I don’t know if this post is going to qualify as earth shattering, but I thought I’d have a little fun with it.   Today we are identifying the best songs about each day of the week.  Or at least my favorites.   Here goes nothing…

When I did a search for Monday, my database turned up a reasonable amount of fun stuff, but I realized it might be harder than it sounds to pick just three per day.  I found out later, and so will you, that some of these days have pretty weak followings.  Monday, traditionally a day most folks dread, had it’s share of reasonably good drops from my point of view.  I think I’ve passed along my slight Duran Duran fetish, which totally against my normal Rock status quo, but I had to leave “New Moon On Monday” behind.  The Mamas and The Papas “Monday, Monday” is an all time classic, but I didn’t think it made the cut either.   Bob Geldoff and The Boomtown Rats’ “I Don’t Like Mondays” isn’t very uplifting and I was never sure how much I actually liked that track anyway so it too hits the cutting room floor.  “Rainy Days & Mondays” by The Carpenters?  I think not.  Porbably my favorite Monday song is “Monday” by The Jam, but I’ve posted that one before so I’m not going there either.  I decided to pass on “Monday” by Wilco and “Manic Monday” by The Bangles too.   Here is what was left.  Not shockers and not very risky, but Monday is a get through day right?

The Allman Brothers Band – Stormy Monday.mp3

New Order – Blue Monday.mp3

Fleetwood Mac – Monday Morning.mp3

I honestly thought there’d be more for Tuesday.  It’s a pretty non-descript day for sure, but you have to figure in the history of Rock there’d be some more activity.  I remember, as I date myself yet again, that there was a frightening beautiful woman named Tuesday Weld who used to turn up in movies like Looking For Mr Goodbar (1977) and had guest appearances in various TV shows I would watch as kid.  I used to think being named Tuesday was wicked cool.  I guess I still do.   If you were buying records in the 90′s you might remember her picture on the cover of Matthew Sweet’s fantastic 1991 CD Girlfriend.  Seems he had the same regard for her that I did.  She’s still with us by the way at 67 years young.   My search for Tuesday brought back six measly tracks.   I eliminated two solid, but not great tracks in Badfinger’s “Sweet Tuesday Morning” and The Cowboy Junkies’ “Sun Comes Up, It’s Tuesday Morning” and had to make a hard decision.  Know what?  Screw it, Tuesday gets four songs…

The Rolling Stones – Ruby Tuesday.mp3

The Moody Blues – The Afternoon – Tuesday Afternoon.mp3

Cat Stevens – Tuesday’s Dead.mp3

Lynyrd Skynyrd – Tuesday’s Gone.mp3

It gets pretty bad from here on out until the big weekend.  Hump Day produced four songs. Four!  That’s awful.  The sad thing is I don’t even really know them all.   What would Wednesday from The Adams Family think?  She’s gotta be around my age.  I just looked her up.  Lisa Loring, born February 16, 1958.  OK she’s got a couple of years on me, but she looks so young!   John Frusciante, ex of Red Hot Chili Peppers fame, apparently has a song called “Wednesday’s Song,” but I have yet to upload that CD to my hard drive so it’s not going to happen today.   Sorry John.   I’m posting a song called “Wednesday Week” by The Undertones, but I’m not at all familiar with it.  Mighty slim pickings I’m afraid.  I’m not very consistent here, but wait until you get a load of Thirsty Thursday.   Whoa.

Elton John – Yell Help – Wednesday Night – Ugly.mp3

Simon & Garfunkel – Wednesday Morning, 3 AM.mp3

The Undertones – Wednesday Week.mp3

Thursday is absolute disgrace.  C’mon people!  I don’t write the songs, but Thursday is one of the coolest days of the week by far.  I’ve always been a big Thursday guy.  I saw The reformed Cars this past Thursday at Boston’s House of Blues and The Good Times were Rolling.  All the local gadflies were there.  I know because I’m one those hangers on myself.  Although I admitted as much to myself in 1985 so I’m OK with it.  I’m might be carrying a few extra lbs, but I was looking good the other night.  Oh yeah.  1978 was a mighty long time ago my friends.   Bet your Bottom Dollar.  But Thursday is just the best day of the week sometimes.  You only have one more work day to get through and you can feel the weekend coming on like a freight train.  As far as finding any good rockin’ Thursday tracks I really struggled.  Thankfully there is one outstanding track by Morphine to post so it’s not a total wash, but man…Thursday deserves so much better…here’s the sum total of my Thursday search…

Morphine – Thursday.mp3

 Tanita Tikaram – Thursday’s Child.mp3

You’d have thought Friday would have unleashed a torrent of School’s Out/Here Comes The Weekend ditties to choose from.  You’d be wrong.  I have three plus songs to post, no problem there, but there weren’t a ton of songs to eliminate to be honest.  I love The Cure, but “Friday I’m in Love” has never been one of my favorites by them.  Not even close.  Sorry Robert.  Obscure tracks by Atomic Rooster, Alvin Youngblood Hart (love that guy), The Darkness and The Click Five were easily eliminated.  Replacement spinoffs Bash & Pop even had a track called “Friday Night (is killing me),” but I had better choices.   That leaves me with the following five tracks.  Did I say three earlier?  I meant five…

Steely Dan – Black Friday.mp3

Joe Jackson – Friday.mp3

Genesis – Get ‘Em Out By Friday.mp3

The Black Crowes – Good Friday.mp3

The Easybeats – Friday On My Mind.mp3

Saturday, predictably, had the most juice.  I’m not going to name all the songs that qualified because there were in the neighborhood of 40, but there were some tough omissions.  “One More Saturday Night” was never one of my favorite Grateful Dead tracks and I’m an out of the closet Deadhead I suppose.  You can call me all the names you want, but I was not leaving Chicago’s “Saturday in The Park” behind.   I know I’ve talked about Peter Cetera led Chicago in the past, but love ‘em or hate ‘em, Chicago was a huge part of the fabric of the 70′s.  I absolutely love half a dozen Chicago tracks to this day.  I’ve never seen them live and I’ve never been much of a Jazz Rock buff, but can you imagine if Chicago only released ten records instead of thirty?  I’m sure they’re in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame without checking, but if they aren’t they should be.  I had my share of choices here, but these are probably my personal favorite Saturday songs.  I’m sorry I doubled up on two artists, but the earlier days of the week were kind of weak and there isn’t much of a choice when you match up Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Saturday Night Special” and Elton John’s “Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting.”  The competition seems kind of pedestrian next to these titans of Saturday.  I was shocked to find out (not) that I didn’t have a copy of The Bay City Rollers’ spelling bee that corresponds to this day of the week.   

David Bowie – Drive-In Saturday.mp3

Elton John – Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting.mp3

Lynyrd Skynyrd – Saturday Night Special.mp3

John Fogerty – Almost Saturday Night.mp3

Chicago – Saturday in The Park.mp3

Sunday, or Funday as the kids call it these days, is a day I try to avoid heavy partying.  I hate to see the week kick off with a hangover.  I remember a friend of mine’s wife asked me to put together a CD that only had songs about Sunday.  It took me a month or two to get around to it, but I finally did it and sent it to her.   Sunday has the most cool tunes surrounding it in case you were wondering.  I’m going to post as many as I feel like right here and now.   Today is Sunday now that I think of it.   I remember Alice Cooper named checked a guy named Billy Sunday in his song “Department of Youth” from 1975′s Welcome To My Nightmare.   Sunday was a Preacher and former NL baseball player in the 1880′s.   All these years and I never bothered to look it up.   Sunday has everything you’d want in a day songwise.  Some moldy oldies, some one hit wonders, some epic tracks and some classics.  I couldn’t possibly get to them all, but here are a few of my favorite weekenders for fun and games…Sunday Will Never Be The Same…

 Morrissey – Everyday is Like Sunday.mp3

The Waterboys – A Life of Sundays.mp3

Joe Jackson – Sunday Papers.mp3

The Monkees – Pleasant Valley Sunday.mp3

Jethro Tull – My Sunday Feeling.mp3

The Doobie Brothers – Another Park, Another Sunday.mp3

Tommy James & The Shondells – Sugar On Sunday.mp3

U2 – Sunday Bloody Sunday.mp3

The Bottle Rockets – Sunday Sports.mp3

Johnny Cash – Sunday Morning Coming Down.mp3

So that’s a wrap.  We’ll finish it with the title track to my post.  Happy Memorial Day.  Thanks again to all the families who ended up making the ultimate sacrifice.

The Beatles – Eight Days a Week.mp3

Tomorrow is Monday.  Start you’re own list…