Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’ into the future…turn the way back machine to The Year of Our Lord 1978…see the spindly teenagers coming and going in and around the then three year old Voorhees High School in Glen Gardner, NJ.  I’m glad there aren’t too many photos of me from that day and age.  Suffice to say it wasn’t very pretty.  Come to think of it, the same could be said of the John Jay circa 2011.   What’s 33 years really?  I ask you.  I could have sworn this same sign was there in 1978, but maybe the parents of the class of 1993 decided to spruce it up a bit.  I remember not voting for the nickname “Vikings” as if there was another choice.  I think I was a Los Angeles Rams fan in the 70′s and as everyone who followed the NFL in the 70′s knows Bud Grant and the REAL Vikings (you know, the ones that played OUTDOORS) owned the Lambs, er, I mean Rams.  The NFL team from St Louis were considered Cardinals back when I actually cared about who won on Sunday.  Anyway, I think I voted for “Bruins.”  What a maroon as Bugs Bunny might say.  I’m glad I was overuled back then.  Still, My Old School is remembered alternately fondly and with regret.  I can’t imagine circling the grounds today.  I don’t go home, which has long vacated the high school’s region, on Thanksgiving so I don’t get pleasure of watching a damp, cold 7-6 mudfest in the rain against our arch rivals (take your pick…North Hunterdon Regional…the school from which Voorhees was spawned in 1976…or Hunterdon Central High School, which probably still pounds us silly to this day) on Turkey Day each year.  I haven’t stepped foot on campus since I graduated as far as I can remember.

I thought I’d post a few songs about school letting out today for fun and games.  I think most schools run into early June these days, but I don’t have any rug rats to verify.  Something about the mandatory number of days in class (did we have those?) and snow days might even have it running past this week for all I know.  What I can tell you is that when school let out it was a great feeling.   Take a look at the bird’s eye view of our “campus” above and you can see where trouble could be had with all that greenery.  We might have slipped into the pines for who knows what a few times, but don’t quote me.  See that baseball diamond over on the right?  Picture, in your mind’s eye if you can, playing endless sub .500 ball against bigger schools in questionable baseball weather.  I remember a school named Hightstown (NJ) brought a lefty into face us in 1977 and the guy might as well have been David Price (of the Tampa Bay DEVIL Rays…yeah I said it Prince of Darkness breath).  This kid mowed us down on one hit.  I remember our 3rd baseman, a kid named Doug Swick (sorry Doug if I’m butchering your last name all these years later), punched a single to LF so we could avoid total embarrassment as a team during an 11-0 whitewash.  It was a state tournament game so the one and done Vikings could head out on vacation right on time.  Ah, memories…

So, in fairness and with full disclosure, I saw Rolling Stone Magazine, after receiving an unwanted e-mail, was doing something similar this month so I thought, hey, I run a two bit blog, surely I can do that better than those flunkies.  So here we are.  Nothing beats Vincent Furnier’s “School’s Out” for an onset of summer anthem, but I have a few others I thought I’d toss into the mix.  Just for fun.  Happy Summer out there my young readers.  Hopefully they’ll be a heretofore unknown chestnut in here for you.  Now go out and find a Summer fling would ya?

Marcy Playground – Saint Joe On The School Bus.mp3

Supertramp – School.mp3

The Good Rats – School Days.mp3

Steely Dan – My Old School.mp3

John Hiatt – Old School.mp3

Paul Simon – Me and Julio Down By The Schoolyard.mp3

Stanley Clarke – School Days.mp3

The Kinks – School Days.mp3

Nirvana – School.mp3

Alice Cooper – School’s Out.mp3