Disclaimer – I have not been paid, or even solicited to give this app a Giant Panther Seal Of Approval.

I had to copy and paste this Craiglist ad which rather eloquently illustrates the exact problem (minus the available pile of weed)  I had always had until this week when I stumbled upon Songkick.

Has this ever happened to you??
























Well, there’s an app for that.  SongKick,  a UK based startup, is backed by Index Ventures and angel investors from Y Combinator.  They have created the answer to all my problems in the form of the easiest, simple, and best looking concert app I’ve ever experienced.

I am so sick of finding out about my favorite, and often under the radar bands coming to town, after all the scalpers have bought all the tickets and it’s now sold out (don’t get me started on how screwed up the ticketing business is, I’ll go all Eddie Vedder on you).  The thought of going to StubHub and spending $65 on a $15 ticket to the Paradise makes my stomach turn.

Missing out on Washed Out’s upcoming show at the Paradise will be the last painful experience I will ever have of this nature.  Like the unfortunate Craigslist poster above, I was burned by lack of knowledge, which prompted my journey to discover a solution.  I’ve tried other apps in the past, but they required a lot of manual entry, and were often buggy.

So far my experience with SongKick has been outstanding.  After installing for free from the Itunes app store, I spent less than one minute setting it up, telling it my local city (it can also use GPS) the next thing I know, it was scanning my Iphone music library for all of my artists and tracks.  That took maybe one minute.  The idea seems so simple, but is truly a genius idea.  If I’ve got an artist in my music library, chances are I like them, and would like to know when they are playing in my area.  Unless I’m a music hoarder.  I don’t have to weed through the always terrible list of bands playing the summer circuit at the Pavilion (darn I will miss those $15 Bud Lights).

Once you find a concert that peaks your interest (I found several I didn’t know about as soon as I opened the app), you can click right through to purchase tickets, add a reminder to yourself about attending the show, and even tell your friends you are going.  Without being a business major, my guess is this is the revenue model for SongKick, so I encourage you to buy your tickets via the app, after all, they are offering it to you for free.

Songkick can also sync with your Spotify, last.fm, and Pandora accounts for your favorited artists (just please don’t let Spotify post every damn song you listen to on your Facebook feed.  I’m one step away from cancelling my Facebook account (don’t get me started on that either).

What has been your experience with SongKick?  Any other concert apps you like better? If you haven’t checked it out yet, I highly encourage you to.