Audio streaming sites are a dime a dozen these days, and to be honest I had all but given up on using them at all.  Having music on hand is not a problem for me, and probably not for most modern day music listeners.  Ever slimmer/cheaper storage drives, cloud,  mobile music, and the portability of our music libraries in general have all but eliminated ever being without music.  The real trick is not providing free streaming music, it’s packaging it in a way fits any mood or occasion perfectly.   Pandora is convenient and easy, but the music suggestions tend to be pretty off-putting in my experience.  Enter Songza, a NY based newcomer in the streaming audio market.  What makes them special is their “music concierge” based free streaming service (currently no audio commercials) that offers “situational” playlists like Summer Indie Rooftop Party, or asking you what kind of mood you are in –  ”Singing In The Shower” for example, or “Perfect Monday Morning Music”.

I am a playlist junkie.  I spend most of my day “tagging” songs in my iTunes library based on situations I expect (hope) I will be in and have a chance to put my song selecting skills to the test.  Also being a former travelling DJ, these playlists had me ready for pretty much any situation.  My playlists are not named “90s Pop”, they are named things like “Drunk 50 somethings”, or “80s Halloween Dance Party”.  This is what immediately drew me to online music streaming newcomer Songza – they have managed to combine the convenience of Pandora, with the playlist abilities of top notch DJs and party hosts.  They do it all with a certain level of music nerdiness that really appeals to people like me.  These days there is so much music at our fingertips that without proper playlists, I sometimes find myself paralyzed staring at my iTunes library of over 20,000 songs, not knowing where to hit play.

From what I can tell, playlists seem to be both created by the Songza team, but also user submitted.  Every playlist I’ve tried so far has been spectacular, so they are doing something right in terms of playlist quality control.  They have a mobile app for iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire, as well as a web player.  No audio commercials or interruptions (for now).  I’m not sure how they plan on monetizing this, but for now, I’m hooked.

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