I stumbled across a band called Here We Go Magic, which turned out to be a stream-of-consciousness project of Brooklyn based artist Luke Temple. I was immediately drawn to this music before even listening to the album due to the lengths at which Luke goes to describe his recording process, pointing out that this was a project based on loop based feels, but without actually looping most of the layers. I also love that he requests “headphones please” on his myspace. A production style after my own heart.

Plus anybody that records an album with an SM-57 and a 4 track recorder must be doing something right. What else to you need really? In an era where looping, layering, and every filter/effect known to man is one click away, it’s nice to see someone taking a stab at doing things the old fashioned way.

Now on to the music itself. Truly something different than anything else out there, which is not an easy thing to pull off in this day and age. Definitely a loop feel (though not looped), almost in the Paul Simon Graceland album sense with the beats and layers. Interesting syncopation and melodies, and a very addictive album to listen to. Great voice to top it all off, also somewhat along the lines of Paul Simon, but it’s worth stressing, the song crafting and end result is like nothing else.

The albums tends to veer in a different direction near the end, but overall an excellent front to back. I’m always drawn to songs that don’t follow the traditional mold – vocals coming in when you don’t expect them to, song lyrics that seem to start off mid-conversation and instrumentation and vocals each with their own timing. You really need to check Here We Go Magic out, I expect big things from them in the years to come, especially with a focused effort on an new LP hopefully in 2009.

MP3: Here We Go Magic – Tunnelvision Alt Link

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