I might be the only one on earth that doesn’t care about MGMT’s new single, I think I overdosed on them two years ago.  It’s like whatever alcohol causes your first time getting sick, you’ll never touch the stuff again.  For me it was peppermint schnapps.  It was the only thing we could confidently steal from my parent’s liquor cabinet and not get caught.  Don’t mix it with chocolate milk whatever you do!

There are however, much more exciting things going on in music.  This version of My Current Obsession covers some of the just came out/ about to come out music that’s got me excited.  I’m not telling you anything you haven’t already heard on Hype Machine, but I’m telling you anyway.  There’s even some “like new” music or “certified pre-owned” music, in the form of a freakin Hall and Oates tribute album!

Say what you will about Hall & Oates, but I’ll be damned if they weren’t pretty stache-tastic in their day. Exhibit A:

Indie pop group Bird & The Bee has released a Hall & Oates tribute album.  I’m really liking some of their updated takes on these classics, they still retain their Hall and Oatesy feel but are add some new flavor.  Here are two of samples, if you think these are good you should hear Maneater and Sara Smile!

MP3: The Bird and The Bee – One On One (Hall and Oates Cover)

MP3: The Bird and The Bee – Private Eyes (Hall and Oates Cover)

Download Interpreting The Masters Volume 1, a Tribute to Daryl Hall and John Oates here

The Bird and The Bee’s  website

My favorite “chill wave” artist Neon Indian aka Alan Palomo has a new track out, called Sleep Paralysist.  I can’t believe Chill Wave is now an official genre, I heard there was a whole write up in the Wall Street Journal last month featuring Toro Y Moi etc.  Digging through old posts on The Giant Panther it was clear I was searching for a term to call these guys, I guess I have it now.  I like the direction his sound is going in, takes everything I love about Neon Indian, and everything I love about his other project Vega, and meets somewhere in the middle.  The song was released for Mountain Dew’s Green Label Sound.  I didn’t realize they had a music label.  I can remember being obsessed with Mountain Dew when I was a kid, it was like liquid crack.  Between Mountain Dew and Jolt Cola, I don’t think I slept for two years in middle school.  Fitting given some of the lyrics to this tune.

MP3: Neon Indian – Sleep Paralysist

Green Label Sound
Neon Indian on MySpace

In probably the most important news as far as The Giant Panther is concerned, Broken Social Scene finally has a new LP coming out, titled Forgiveness Rock Record, which can be exclusively pre-ordered from label Arts and Crafts here set for May 4 release.

The solo efforts put out by BSS solo members have tided me over for the most part, but there is nothing like the sound when this entire crew comes together, on record and especially on stage.  You can hear it in the three singles they have released.  Head over to Arts and Crafts to check them all out.  Bands like Arcade Fire drew me in to indie rock in the 2000s, but Broken Social Scene has been and will remain the single most important band to me in this genre.

MP3 – Broken Social Scene – World Sick

Band of Horses has a new LP coming out on May 18, titled Infinite Arms.  Another TGP staple, their first two albums are still some of my favorites.  Head on over to their website to check out the first single.   Here’s the tracklisting:

1)     Factory
2)     Compliments
3)     Laredo
4)     Blue Beard
5)     On My Way Back Home
6)     Infinite Arms
7)     Dilly
8)     Evening Kitchen
9)     Older
10)  For Annabelle
11)  NW Apt.
12)  Neighbor

The National have a new album coming out “High Violet” on May 11.  May is shaping up to be a killer month for new music.  They have released the first single from the album “Bloodbuzz Ohio”.  Most people know the National as owners of the coveted ” The Giant Panther’s #1 Album of 2007″, others may have come across them elsewhere.  Either way really looking forward to this release.

Gets me thinking, remember the days when you used to pay money to buy singles?  These days most bands are more than happy to just give the damn single away in exchange for your email address.  It’s amazing how markets shift over time.

MP3: The National – Bloodbuzz Ohio

The National’s website

PS:  all this Hall and Oates talk reminds me of one of my favorite shows of all time, it was a web series called “Yacht Rock”, the term they use to describe all that “smooth” music from the 70s and 80s in the form of Michael McDonald, Kenny Loggins, Steely Dan, and of course, Hall and Oates.  If you’ve never watched them you should dig them up online for a good laugh, here’s a clip of one of the best Hall and Oates moments.