I have a lot to write about.  Today I just bought – yes bought – two great albums: the Alabama Shakes debut, and Bear In Heaven’s third LP, I Love You, It’s Cool.  While I was initially more excited to grab Alabama Shakes, after listening to both records, I became completely consumed by this Bear In Heaven record.  I keep playing it over and over again.  Always a good sign.   Based upon the so-so reviews I’ve read so far, apparently this album is hitting more chords with me than most critics – I’m OK with that.  If you are a regular to this blog, I’m guessing you will be OK with that too.

Their previous album Beast Rest Forth Mouth was a critic favorite, it never really jumped out a me as much I don’t think.  I did really love the track Lovesick Teenagers.   Their new album I Love You, It’s Cool, is a much bolder, more confident album.  For lack of better label I’ll lazily slap the synth-pop tag on this album.  I’m noticing a common thread between a lot of the synth-pop releases to come out this year so far.  They seem to be a little richer, deeper layers, which stronger pulsing bass lines that tend to allow the vocals to float on top and kind of get tugged along by the melody.  This leads to a very powerful sound.  Works really well with the  laid back Sade type delivery of lead singer Jon Philpot.

Since watching the movie Drive turned up as loud as my home theater system would go without shaking the pictures hung on my wall loose, I know keep hearing more and more albums which would have played nicely as soundtrack to that movie.  That really was a fine piece of movie making – one of the most stylistic movies I’ve ever experienced.  This album kind of has that feel if that makes any sense.

Listen:Bear In Heaven – The Reflection Of You

Bear In Heaven – The Reflection Of You

Download: I Love You, It’s Cool