Rock and Roll is not dead, it’s just damn hard to find.  Can be trickier than tracking Carmen San Diego “I think I heard her say she was interested in visiting Big Ben”.  One has to know where to look to find Rock and Roll these days, or have someone with good taste give really OBVIOUS clues on where to look.

What happend to music from bands like Thin Lizzy, The Cars, many more I can’t think of at the moment?  When did everything become electronic and dreary?  Take these questions with a grain of salt, many of the aforementioned electronic or dreary albums happen to be some of my favorites (check my top albums of 2011 list).  But sometimes you just need some good old fashioned rock with pop hooks.

King Tuff isn’t without it’s more “indie” moments or hints of modern era songwriting, but it relies on it’s forebearer’s carefully selected formulas.  King Tuff is the solo project of frontman Kyle Thomas, who has been in many bands in the music scene, including according the metal band Witch with J Mascis.  Thomas made his debut album in 2008 and it was a much loved garage rock album according to Pitchfork.  I haven’t gotten there yet but plan to check it out.   Among the hook heavy, harder driving songs, he mixes in some lighter songs that have a vibe of 60s psychedelic.   But I’m in it for the rocking songs like “Bad Thing” and “Baby Just Break”.

Thomas’ voice sounds somewhere in between Billy Corgan and Kurt Vile.  The songs are a blend of garage rock, punk, and good old fashioned radio friendly rock and roll.  Not obviously friendly with modern day radio, whose only friends are the assholes who churn out the same dog shit song over and over again, so radio can continue to cram it down our throats until our brains fall into some sort of weird submission or acceptance that this must be music we should be listening to.


I had to take some white space to recover from that sudden insane rant I just went on.  If you’re looking for a change of scenery, this album will be a good reliable choice for you.

Listen: King Tuff – Band Thing [audio:|titles=King Tuff - Bad Thing]

King Tuff – Hit & Run [audio:|titles=King Tuff - Hit & Run]