Ever notice how Mother’s Day takes precedence over Father’s Day?  It’s a much more important holiday for some reason.  Actually we all know why it’s more important don’t we?  Most of us naturally just get more attention from their mothers than they did from their fathers.   Fathers were out making the doughnuts I guess.  It isn’t so much like now as it was when I grew up, but a home just suffers without the presence of a good mom.  My own father was a good man at the end of the day, but I feel like life just steamrolled him while he was alive.   I can relate sometimes.   My mother bore the brunt of all of our family history with dignity and grace.  My father has been deceased some 24 years now.  Man that seems like a long time.   My mother?  She just keeps motoring.   Four kids and the weight of the world on her shoulders and still she keeps pushin’ on.  I hope I just didn’t quote a little known R.E.O. Speedwagon track there.

Last year’s Mother’s Day post garnered a lot feedback so I thought I’d do it again.  Why fix what isn’t broke?  Truthfully though I’m running out of tunes for Mom.  I could go find 30 more next year, but I’m beginning to reach.  I may have trouble replicating the quality of music, but it’s the thought that counts.   I know I say it every year, but you Rock Mom.   Hope this Mother’s Day is better than the last.  Even though many of these tracks are not your idea of a good time, they are my idea of paying tribute.  Happy Mother’s Day to everyone!

Eric Burdon & War – Mother Earth.mp3

Jethro Tull – Mother Goose.mp3

The Rolling Stones – Mother’s Little Helper.mp3

Roxy Music – Mother of Pearl.mp3

Johnny Winter – Mother-in-Law Blues.mp3

Ten Years After – Choo Choo Mama.mp3

Steppenwolf – Hey Lawdy Mama.mp3

ZZ Top – Hi Fi Mama.mp3

J.J. Cale – Blues For Mama.mp3

Aerosmith – Mama Kin.mp3

Metallica – Mama Said.mp3

Susan Tedeschi – Mama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean.mp3

Sailcat – Motorcycle Mama.mp3

Elvis Presley – That’s All Right.mp3

The Bottle Rockets – Trailer Mama.mp3

Bob Dylan – It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding).mp3

The Band – Rag Mama Rag.mp3

Joe Walsh – Mother Says.mp3

Mott The Hoople – Momma’s Little Jewel.mp3

Bob Seger – Momma.mp3

Ike Turner – Big Fat Mama.mp3

Alvin Youngblood Hart – Big Mama’s Door.mp3

Guided By Voices – Metal Mothers.mp3

U2 – Mothers of The Disappeared.mp3

The Pretenders – Every Mother’s Son.mp3

John Denver – Mother Nature’s Son.mp3

James – Mother.mp3

Tracy Bonham – Mother Mother.mp3

Richard Thompson – Mother Knows Best.mp3

Kate Bush – Mother Stands For Comfort.mp3