It’s casual Friday at work today, but I think I dressed a little too casual, as my shirt was on inside-out. Still better than my fly down, but not by much. I thought that girl at Dunkin’ Donuts was just admiring my ruggish good looks. Here’s some Friday music to start your long weekend.


MP3: Midlake – Head Home
Midlake’s Website
Buy “Trials Of Van Occupanther” (Presale – Out On July 25)

In all of my years of posting (3/365ths), have I ever implored you to buy an album? Well I’m imploring now. So far, this is my favorite album of 2006, and I’m guessing on Jan 1st of 2007 it still will be. Original songwriting, Crosby-esque harmony, rich instrumentation. I’m trying to avoid slapping a decade label on every song I post, but this definitely brings back a 1970s feel (think Seals and Crofts but less facial hair.) “Bring me a day full of honest work, and a roof that never leaks, I’ll be satisfied.” Buy this album.


MP3: Beirut – Scenic World
Beirut’s Website
Buy “Gulag Orkestar”

I missed Beirut at the Lily Pad last weekend, but has a set from June 17 at Soundfix. Beirut’s website says they are playing again in Boston on August 26th, but no word on where yet. Brooklyn Vegan has a great interview with Zach. This album has it all: 20 year old Zach Condon’s vibrato, uke, trumpet, accordian, an old casio keyboard playing its heart out.

The Long Winters

MP3: The Long Winters – Pushover
The Long Winters Website
Buy “Putting the Days to Bed” – July 25

Ok, so I’ve posted on two albums you can’t have until July 25th. I’ve only heard a few songs from “Putting the Days to Bed”, but I’m looking forward to this album. I had to put something upbeat in here. More tunes to download here.

Have a good fourth, and if you’re partaking in any pyrotechnics, make sure you’re in a nice, open space, with plenty of room to get the hell out of the way if something goes wrong (the 18th hole for example).